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Saroj Patel

Saroj Patel is a London based artist and designer whose practice encompasses illustration, painting, graphic design, typography and art direction. Nature is a compelling part of her work which she incorporates with decorative arrangements of organic forms, flora and wildlife, creating a distinctive hand drawn style that displays a fluidity of movement through the use of patterns, lines and color. Saroj draws inspiration from exploring the natural and built environments around her, from wandering city streets to hiking in forests and mountains, capturing moments of stillness and chaos, embracing and absorbing the beauty in every moment. “For room 403 at the NU Hotel Brooklyn, I wanted to create a space where you can be engulfed in color, pattern and nature, where oversized birds and flowers become part of your dreams and for a moment you escape the chaos of the city.” For more information about the artist, you can visit her webpage at

Please note, this specific mural room cannot be guaranteed at booking.

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