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Hyun Jung Ahn

A New York transplant, Hyun Jung Ahn sees Brooklyn as a wonderland that surprises and excites her every day. She channels those feelings into her own visual lexicon of abstract design and colors. This is shown in her mural Forever Young: My Brooklyn, a landscape with strong pops of color, clean lines, shapes and forms. Ahn expresses herself in a secretive pictogram, the different colors and shapes suggest emotions and states of being. All the elements portrayed in Forever Young: My Brooklyn are an expression of her relationship and engagement with Brooklyn culture. Ahn, a painter and sculptor, earned her MFA from Duk-Sung Women’s University in Seoul before moving to New York to complete her second MFA from Pratt Institute. https://www.hyunjungahn.net/

Please note, this specific mural room cannot be guaranteed at booking.

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