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Kristen Haskell

Born and raised in the suburbs of Boston, Kristen Haskell has called New York home for almost two decades. Kristen is an artist, illustrator and entrepreneur, having founded the Brooklyn-based clothing line Haskieville Apparel. Her mural at NU Hotel focuses on the land and sea life at Coney Island with an emphasis on endangered animals native to northeastern shores. Kirsten’s mural distorts the rules of perspective with repetitive graphic lines and patterns to highlight the Coney Island skyline and wildlife in the surrounding water. It combines expressive gestures and friendly tones to create the vivid shoreline of Coney Island with a focus on nature. Kirsten received her BFA from Marymount Manhattan College, is currently a member of Trestle Art Space and co-founder of the Brooklyn art collective, Gowanus Swim Society. NU Hotel is proud to collaborate with Kristen and Haskieville Apparel to offer the exclusive ‘The Morning Commute’ tote bag which can be purchased at NU Hotel.

Please note, this specific mural room cannot be guaranteed at booking.

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