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NU Perspective Rooms

These creative spaces are the centerpieces of the property, featuring Brooklyn-themed murals hand painted by local artists. Discover more about the artwork in your room and allow it to inspire your stay.


Please note, the specific mural rooms cannot be guaranteed at booking.

Jonathan Blum

Jonathan Blum is a Brooklyn local through and through, having lived in the borough since 1999. His time in the art world has been characterized by variety, lending his distinct creativity to everything from one-person shows to selling his artwork in his 5th Avenue storefront.

Hyun Jung Ahn

A New York transplant, Hyun Jung Ahn sees Brooklyn as a wonderland that surprises and excites her every day. She channels those feelings into her own visual lexicon of abstract design and colors.

Saroj Patel

Saroj Patel is a London based artist and designer whose practice encompasses illustration, painting, graphic design, typography and art direction. Nature is a compelling part of her work which she incorporates with decorative arrangements of organic forms, flora and wildlife.

Kristen Haskell

Born and raised in the suburbs of Boston, Kristen Haskell has called New York home for almost two decades. Kristen is an artist, illustrator and entrepreneur, having founded the Brooklyn-based clothing line Haskieville Apparel. Her mural at NU Hotel focuses on the land and sea life at Coney Island with an emphasis on endangered animals native to northeastern shores.

Sarah Reynolds

Sarah H. Reynolds is a fine artist that has a passion for large-scale charcoal drawings. Her signature aesthetic is inspired by her visceral connection to the particular subject. Her work has been recently featured in Miami’s Art Basel, art galleries throughout New York.

Laura Hollick

Laura Hollick is a soul art shaman, an award-winning artist, visionary guide and global activist for the nü earth. After walking 10,000km on a vision quest, Laura clarified her purpose and dove into business to realize it. She is the creator of Soul Art Studio Inc., a business devoted to circulating love around the planet with creative inspiration.

Adam Suerte

Born and bred in South Brooklyn, the streets served as Adam’s canvas long before he was putting the streets on canvas. Drawing inspiration from his own graffiti career and his deep Brooklyn roots, his paintings often depict the area he grew up in as the wave of gentrification covers the finer details of the neighborhood he remembers and loves.

Steven Weinberg

Steven Weinberg is an artist in Brooklyn, NY. He illustrated To Timbuktu: Nine Countries, Two People, One True Story with his girlfriend/writer/regular collaborator Casey Scieszka about the two years they lived around the world from Beijing to Timbuktu. He also does a variety of freelance illustration, cartoons and paintings for individuals, bars, restaurants, ad agencies and more.

Kendra Beitzel

Native Texan and Philadelphia raised, Kendra Beitzel now calls New York City her home. By day she is a textile designer, and by night an avid painter, stitch artist and screen printer. Her artwork leverages strong repetition of patterns and natural elements that show our environments and experiences stitched together.

Myla Seabrook

A Brooklyn native, Myla Seabrook is a young artist seeking a place for traditional landscape oil painting in a contemporary world. Seabrook, a Hofstra University graduate, is well versed in oil and acrylic painting and inspired by both the natural world and literary fiction. She creates vistas that push the boundaries of dramatic color and scale.

Michael Sorgatz

Currently living in NYC, Michael Sorgatz was born in Chicago and lived in California where he earned a BFA degree at the Art Institute of Southern California. Sorgatz publishes the websites Art in Brooklyn and Art in New York City which promote local artists.

Natalie Lomeli

Natalie Lomeli received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Pacific Northwest College of Art, located in Portland OR. Originally from Southern California, Lomeli moved east to New York City shortly after her graduation in May 2011. Since locating to New York she has played an active role in the emerging art community in the Gowanus neighborhood of Brooklyn.

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