Located about a 10 minute walk from the boutique NU Hotel…the Brooklyn Bridge is not to be missed.

Lace up your sneakers or grab a NU Bike for a trip across the Brooklyn Bridge for amazing skyline views or explore Brooklyn Bridge Park for unbelievable vistas from the banks of the East River of the bridge itself.  When you return to the Brooklyn side, reward yourself with some Grimaldis Pizza, some delicious Dolce Brooklyn Gelato or a handcrafted cocktail at Misdemeanor Bar & Lounge.

Some cities are known for their famous bridges – San Francisco has the Golden Gate Bridge; Venice, the Rialto Bridge; London, the Tower Bridge; and, of course, New York has the iconic Brooklyn Bridge.  NU Hotel, Brooklyn’s original boutique hotel is within walking distance of the legendary bridge.  Featured in numerous movies, television shows, photos and in some of the murals in our NU Perspective rooms by local artists, the Brooklyn Bridge is the quintessential Brooklyn landmark – there is no doubt where you are when you see the Brooklyn Bridge.

Traversing the East River from Lower Manhattan to Brooklyn, the Brooklyn Bridge is one of the oldest suspension bridges in the United States – and it was the longest from 1883 to 1903.   Rich with history, the picturesque Brooklyn Bridge is one of the main tourist attractions in the neighborhood.   The majestic structure of mostly of granite and steel wire took 14 years to build with the help over of 600 workers and cost over $15 million USD.  Providing unmatched views of the Manhattan skyline and a serene elevated pedestrian walkway, visitors and locals alike love to stroll, run or bike across the bridge with cameras in hand.