Tucked inside the upscale grocer Brooklyn Fare, Chef’s Table is one of the most buzzed-about restaurants in Downtown Brooklyn. That’s largely because this 18-seat, 15-course tasting menu project from chef Cesar Ramirez’s is the only restaurant in the borough with three Michelin stars.


Located on Schermerhorn Street, Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare is just a five-minute walk from the Nu Hotel, and after fifteen courses, you’ll appreciate the short walk back to bed. Both our property and the restaurant are within walking distance of beloved local attractions like the New York transit Museum and the Barclays Center.

What to Try

This is the type of place where you put all of your trust in the chef and simply go along for the ride. The mystery here is part of the fun, as taking photos are prohibited. Put on your foodie hat and get ready for a meal that you’ll never forget.