Bar Tabac is a Nu Hotel favorite, and one of the best restaurants in Downtown Brooklyn. This French spot features live music every night of the week, outdoor seating and phenomenal food. Whether you want some apps, a full meal, or just some cocktails and conversation, Bar Tabac is the spot to go. Reclaimed wood, a foosball table and parlor doors also provide a charming, publike atmosphere to accompany the upscale food.


Bar Tabac is located just a five-minute walk from Nu Hotel on Smith Street. It’s a great place to grab dessert after a meal at Sottocasa Pizzeria, or stop in for dinner after a long day walking around New York City. Those looking to switch it up after a full dinner at bar Tabac can grab a cup of Joe at Blue Bottle Coffee or do some shopping at nearby boutiques like Exit 9 Brooklyn and Dashing Diva.

What to Try

All first time diners at Bar Tabac need to begin with a bowl of the onion soup gratinêe, which is hands down one of the best French onion soups in town with hearty broth, and a hefty layer of cheese melted on bread on top. If that’s not your flavor, the baked burgundy snails are a chewy, buttery delight that you’ll never forget.

The Bar Tabac Classiques are three main course options that never disappoint. The first is the Les moules Frites “Bar Tabac” which consist of steamed Canadian mussels served in either a white wine or tomato sauce; the second is the Couscous Merguez, which is highlighted by hefty portions of sausage, chicken and veggies; and the last is the grilled hanger steak, slow cooked to tender perfection and served with a mushroom risotto.

Closing things out at Bar Tabac, the poire pochee and creme brulee are a couple of creamy, sweet delights that will have you rubbing your belly and ready for bed by the end of the meal.