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DUMBO Art Festival

September 26, 2014 - October 28, 2014

Brooklyn is where artists flock. From undiscovered talent milling around in coffee shops and live-in studios too big name celebrities who hail from the famous borough, the content creation in and around Brooklyn is internationally known and beloved. The depth of creation is so vast that the neighborhood is the ideal place to hold a celebration. For all of these reasons, everybody is super excited for the upcoming DUMBO Arts Festival.

 This festival takes place in the DUMBO area of Brooklyn and is a free public event highlighting the Brooklyn arts community’s best art from an international, national and local perspective. With over 200,000 visitors, this event is as much a social event as an arts appreciation gathering.

 Focused on the vast scope of artistic creation surrounding Brooklyn, the DUMBO Arts Festival offers visual art exhibits and installations, street artists creating images and murals on the street, digital art projections, dance and poetry performances and more. The festival truly speaks to all of the senses and creative wonder that any attendee could hope for at such an event.

 With the specific artists and work still yet to be announced, prospective attendees must take the festivals amazing reputation as their driving motivation to come out. There’s also the fact that it’s free.

 In addition to all the fun and festivities, one of the most alluring parts of this festival is the opportunity to discover and learn. The vast majority of these artists may be unknown to the common individual, which will make seeing their work for the first time an exciting, eye opening, mind expanding experience.

 The DUMBO Arts Festival is the way to perceive the creative, forward thinking reach of Brooklyn. It will also be a thoroughly enjoyable, family friendly event. So, anybody in Brooklyn for the weekend of September 26th- 28th head over to DUMBO and take in all of the wonder and creativity put on display by the DUMBO Arts Festival.


September 26, 2014
October 28, 2014