Mile End Deli is a contemporary alternative to the classic New York City Jewish deli, and one of our favorite restaurants in Downtown Brooklyn. The fixings look similar with plenty of corned beef, brisket and matzoh balls on the menu, but the garnishes, counter top space and craft beer selection speaks to younger crowds and contemporary foodies.


Located on Hoyt Street, Mile End Deli is just a three-minute walk from the Nu Hotel, making a take-home sandwich or sit down feast super convenient after long days exploring the city. You can follow your meal with a short walk over to Absolute Coffee for a critically-acclaimed cup of java, or head over to The Little Sweet Cafe for a little dessert.

What to Try

Beginning your meal at Mile End Deli there are a few classic choices to pick from. Matzo ball soup is the easiest choice, and never fails with the restaurant’s simple depiction of the classic dish with chicken broth, chicken, carrot, celery and onion. To keep in the culture, but explore a little further, order up some chopped liver on schmaltz toast.

Stepping onto the main course there are two must-tries. The first, which can be ordered as a side for the whole table to share, is the poutine, which is french fries served under melted cheese and smoked brisket. If you haven’t had enough meat after the fries, order a smoked meat sandwich, which simply comes with smoked brisket and mustard on rye. Another unique dish at Mile End Deli is the falafel burger, which comes with hummus, harissa slaw, pickled green tomato and garlic yogurt sauce.

Keep in mind that Mile End Deli also serves one of the best breakfasts in town. Swing by for a bagel with schmear and lox, or a smoked meat hash!