We’ve been encouraging everyone we can to check out David Bowie Is, an immersive and comprehensive exhibit on the late, great Starman. It will only be at the nearby Brooklyn Museum until July 15th, so this is another friendly reminder that you need to see it before it’s too late. Here’s why.

This Is The Last Chance for Anyone to See It

The exhibition has actually been touring globally for the past five years, and its Brooklyn Museum edition marks its final bow. That means it’s the last opportunity to see the one-of-a-kind retrospective of the artist.

When a global artistic and pop culture phenomenon tours the world for half a decade, it’s worth doing whatever you can to see it. This Bowie exhibit is an example of that, and before you lose your chance forever, you need to come on out to Brooklyn and see it.

The Collection Is Magnificent

The exhibit presents over 400 objects taken from David Bowie’s archives. Those who followed Bowie, or have recently found his music and art, or those who are completely unaware of the rockstar can all find something they’ve never seen among this collection.

Original costumes from his epic alter-ego Ziggy Stardust, photographs from life on tour and in the record studio, original album art that transformed into iconic graphis fans know today—these are all examples of the fascinating and stunning relics you can find at the exhibit.

All of these insights into the life and mind of Bowie are presented as part of an immersive, multimedia installation that comes with accompanied audio, animations, and videos. For museum-lovers, it’s as well crafted an exhibit as you’ll find this year.

We Love Bowie

Stop by Nu Hotel during your visit to the David Bowie exhibit at Brooklyn Museum. We’re the proud preferred partner of the exhibit, and present it alongside Spotify and BMW. An art-driven hotel, we’re an ideal place for fans and visitors to enjoy.

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