Coney Island has gone through many changes since its mid-twentieth century heyday, but so much of its old-world charm is alive as ever. It’s also a landmark of New York City, which means we’re part of the same family.

The Food & Rides

Staples of Coney Island are still alive and well. On the culinary side of things, you can get a classic Nathan’s hot dog, or head to nearby Brighton Beach for a Russian feast. Rides like the world-famous Cyclone are still kicking, and there have been a number of new coasters and paint jobs added over the years.

The Mermaids

Coney Island just saw another installment of its world famous Mermaid Parade. Attracting over a half-million people each year, it’s a fantastical display of mermaid-and-poseidon themed costumes, floats, art and creativity.

The Polar Bears

So there aren’t actually polar bears in Coney Island, but the Polar Bear Club’s annual New Year’s dip is one of the neighborhood’s favorite annual traditions. Standing right alongside the Mermaid Parade, this beloved tradition showcases the area’s quirkiness and fun.

4th of July

Keeping right along with that theme, 4th of July is a special time to visit Brooklyn’s Coney Island. You can join a crowd of thousands and an ESPN production crew for another installment of the world famous hot dog eating contest, which has grown in bizarre popularity over the past decade.

The Beach

Beyond the traditions and the characters and the hot dogs, Coney Island has always been a destination for New Yorkers to put their feet in the sand and relax by the ocean. You can still find this population taking sun here, you can still have a lovely beach day at Coney Island, and for a taste of real New York, we highly recommend doing so. And for an even better deal,  check out our special Coney Island offer.