Smorgasburg is New York City’s Mecca of flavor and gastronomic creativity, with over 100 distinguished food vendors from around town. Some of the city’s brightest chefs mix, match and reimagine cuisines that span the globe here at the weekly Brooklyn Flea (and wherever else this traveling food market sets up shop throughout a given year).

It’s all a little overwhelming, so we narrowed down the options to our five favorites. These are the ultimate must-try foods at Smorgasburg.

Ramen Burger from Ramen Burger


image via flickr

Japan’s signature noodle soup has been a trendy dish in NYC for the past several years, but this turn was a definite game-changer. Hard noodles shaped as buns with a juicy beef patty in between: the Ramen Burger is a novelty food fad, and we’re oh so happy it exists. Time Magazine has called this crunchy goodness one of the most influential burgers of all time.

Lobster BLT from Red Hook Lobster Pound


cover image via flickr

Red Hook Lobster Pound is one of Brooklyn’s best seafood proprietors, with food trucks around the city, a stand at Smorgasburg, and a brand new brick-and-mortar restaurant in its eponymous Brooklyn neighborhood. The Lobster BLT takes classic salad fixings found in your average lobster roll and throws in thick-cut bacon, tomatoes and chipotle mayo. It’s out of this world.

Pupusa from Solber


image via flickr

The pupusa is a doughy, cheese-filled pancake-like dish from El Salvador, and anybody who knows New York City food will tell you that the best rendition in town comes from the Solber food truck. Part of the legendary Red Hook Ballfields crew, this one of a kind vendor shares their pupusas at Smorgasburg with a side of pink pickled cabbage, sour cream and jalapeños.

Burnt Ends Sandwich from Mighty Quinns


image via flickr

A Smorgasburg native, Mighty Quinns has evolved from its humble Brooklyn Flea origins to being crowned the Village Voice’s favorite barbecue in the city, with five locations around Manhattan and Brooklyn. The burnt ends are charred bits from the outside of their smoked brisket soaked in tangy housemade barbecue sauce.

Sidney Dog from Asia Dog


image via flickr
Asia Dog is a staple of Smorgasburg, and their Asian-inspired hot dog list is filled with original creations—each available in beef, organic beef, chicken, or veggie form. The Sidney is Thai-themed, and comes with Thai mango relish, cucumber, red onion, cilantro, crushed peanuts and fish sauce.