New York City, USA at the Brooklyn Bridge and East River at dawn.

One of the most iconic structures in the world, the Brooklyn Bridge is a must-see for any visitor of New York. Time and weather permitting, a walk across the this historic gateway between Brooklyn and Manhattan will be worth your while. To help you get the most from your journey across this spectacular suspension bridge, here are a few tips.

Read up on the bridge in advance

Before setting out to cross it check the Brooklyn Bridge site for the latest construction information. Ten million people use the pedestrian walkway every year, and regular maintenance is needed to keep it in a good state of repair.

Time it right

The Brooklyn Bridge walkway can resemble the worst traffic jam in the most congested city in the world on beautiful weekend days. To improve your chances of having great photo-ops and freedom to move while on the bridge, visit early in the morning or late in the evening on a weekday. If you venture out onto the bridge between late fall and early spring, you may be lucky enough to feel like you have it all to yourself.

Mind the bike lane

A dedicated walkway means pedestrians do not have to watch out for motor vehicles while walking across the Brooklyn Bridge. Still, commuters and other tourists cycle across the bridge, sharing the same walkway. Respect the bike lane and protect yourself by staying on the pedestrian-only side of the walkway.

Prioritize comfort

The Brooklyn Bridge measures just over a mile in length, but you’ll want to be comfortable when walking across it. Wear good walking shoes and dress in or carry layers. The exposed nature of the bridge means it can be far windier or feel significantly cooler than the land on either side of the bridge.

Watch out for good photos ops

If you don’t have photographic proof of your Brooklyn Bridge crossing, did it ever happen? Of course it did, but you still want to share photos with friends and family. Don’t pass up good photo opportunities just because other people are in the background or you don’t want to hold up the hundreds or thousands of others leisurely making their way across the bridge. Some of the most popular places to snap shots on the bridge are with the Downtown Manhattan skyline as a backdrop; against the stone archways; in front of the “Brooklyn Bridge” signs at each archway; and with Governor’s Island, the Statue of Liberty, and New York Harbor in the background.

Take it all in

How many times will you walk across the Brooklyn Bridge? Even if you plan to return and would like to cross the bridge again, savor the experience in case it is something you end up doing once in your lifetime.

Take this advice to heart, and you should be in shape to cross the Brooklyn Bridge like a pro. If your room is at NU Hotel or elsewhere in central Brooklyn, you’ll be close enough to walk to the Brooklyn Bridge before journeying across it.