Brooklyn is one of the best places in the world to take a vacation, especially if you’re heading out of town with a group of your besties. To be more specific, we made a guide for the ultimate friends getaway to our favorite borough.

Take In Some Culture

Brooklyn is home to some of the best music venues, theatres, and museums in the country. You and your friends should definitely visit the Brooklyn Academy of Music for access to some of the best shows and venues in town. For more tips on finding great culture in Brooklyn, check out our Neighborhood Guide.

Eat With The Best Of Them

Brooklyn is home to a great variety of local restaurants both new and historic. For a famous slice of pizza, consider visiting Spumoni Gardens, or Lucali. For those who are looking to be on the cutting edge, and in the area of our hotel, check out our post on the Hottest New Restaurants in Central Brooklyn.

See What’s Happening

On any given weekend, you’re likely to find some amazing events taking place around New York City’s best borough. Throughout the year, Brooklyn plays host to countless festivals, shows, exhibits, and a variety of unique events. Check out the Nu Hotel Events Calendar to find out what’s going down when you and your friends are coming to town.

Plan To Explore The City

If you’re planning on staying in Brooklyn, then your friends getaway to New York City is off to a good start. And while we encourage you to take the time to explore our borough as much as possible, don’t forget that the magic of Manhattan, and the unique flavor of Queens are within striking distance. Don’t sleep on the rest of what NYC has to offer.

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