Brooklyn is a world-class destination for music lovers everywhere. From iconic institutions like BAM, to its long-list of homegrown stars, there are many things that have given this borough its musical clout. It’s also home to some amazing music companies that do everything from selling records, to selling stereos. Here are some of our favorites that you should check out.

Black Gold

This long-running shop in Brooklyn’s Carroll Gardens neighborhood, right by Nu Hotel, sells records, coffee, and antiques. Its extensive collection of vinyls spans from classic rock gems to modern artists who are keeping the record-listening culture alive and well. Black Gold also just opened at the popular Artists & Fleas market in SoHo.
Black Gold: 461 Court St. Brooklyn, NY


Wax Rax is a Brooklyn-based vinyl record storage maker, which is known for its signature, thin anodized aluminum display units. They’re a sleek option for record-lovers who want to showcase, play and preserve their vinyl.
Wax Rax. Brooklyn, NY

DeVore Fidelity

With over 20 years of designing Hi-Fi speakers, John DeVore started this certified Brooklyn Made company in 2005. It’s since gone on to become one of the borough’s most celebrated proprietors of upscale speakers. Its featured products include the Orangutan and Gibbon lines, both of which are revered in the audiophile world.
DeVore Fidelity. 63 Flushing Ave. Brooklyn, NY

Brooklyn Made

With all of the amazing products and businesses coming out of this borough, one company decided to devote itself to acknowledging the community at large. Brooklyn-Made certifies the best manufacturers in Brooklyn under one common stamp of Brooklyn-Made approval. Managed by the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, it’s a great place to find the best of local creations.
Brooklyn Made. 335 Adams St. Brooklyn, NY

Bonus: Noho Sound

This isn’t a Brooklyn shop, but its close and amazing. Founded by three audiophiles, Noho Sound & Stereo creates and sells audio equipment ranging from $100 to nearly $200,000 a pop. Located in Downtown Manhattan, the shop is an exciting place where you can listen to the best high-end, Hi-Fi stereo equipment around. Check out the company website for information on what’s for sale, and when weekly private listening events take place.
Noho Sound: 62 Cooper Square. New York, NY

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