Manhattan bridge seen from a narrow alley enclosed by two brick buildings on a sunny day in summer

For visitors from out of town, Manhattan has long been synonymous with NYC. Increasingly, however, out-of-towners are choosing to spend more of their time in the the borough of Brooklyn. If you haven’t yet been sold on checking out or staying in the city’s largest borough, here are ten reasons to consider it.

Hipster Watching

In most of the world, you people watch. In Brooklyn, you hipster watch. While most people who live in Brooklyn probably wouldn’t identify as hipsters, those bucking societal norms tend to stand out. And there are a lot of them. Have fun.

World-Class Museums

The Brooklyn Museum, New York Transit Museum, MoCADA, and Brooklyn Historical Society are just a few of the dozens of Brooklyn museums that rival Manhattan’s finest collections. Appreciate some art or enjoy a self-guided history lesson at the institutions that appeal most to you.

Awe-Inspiring Manhattan Views

Western Brooklyn is one of the best places from which to view the Manhattan skyline. Marvel at the Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge, One World Trade Center, and the Empire State Building from Brooklyn Bridge Park or the Brooklyn Promenade.

Inventive Street Art

Brooklyn is one of the world’s street art capitals. Bushwick is at the scene’s epicenter, but work from artists as well-known as Banksy and talented muralists you’ve never heard of can be found throughout the borough.

Vibrant Music Scene

An outsized number of the world’s most successful musicians hail from Brooklyn, and a weekend spent exploring the borough should be enough to see why. The Brooklyn Academy of Music celebrates and sponsors many events. Recording studios abound. And live music fills the air in dozens of concert halls, bars, and restaurants on any given night.

Unique Nightlife

Brooklyn’s live music scene is part of what makes the neighborhood’s nightlife so appealing, but just a small part. The borough has bars, pubs, and dance clubs fit for any occasion. Many of them are open until at least 4am. In season, rooftop bars are a big part of Brooklyn’s nightlife. Many of them have stunning views of Manhattan.

Prizeworthy Pizza

Di Fara, Layla Jones, Lucali, Not Ray’s, and Roberta’s are a handful of Brooklyn’s most hyped up pizza joints. They’re hyped up for a reason, and can give any Manhattan pizza joint a run for its money.

Craft Food

Brooklyn residents care about what they eat, and food purveyors strive to give them what they want. This has resulted in the proliferation of artisanal foodstuffs in Brooklyn. They can be found at farmer’s markets, restaurants, shops, and festivals.

Brooklyn Brews

The craft beer scene in Brooklyn is already strong, and only getting better. Visit the borough’s iconic Brooklyn Brewery for a memorable tour, or check out one of Brooklyn’s smaller microbreweries. Other Half Brewing Company, Sixpoint Brewer, Greenpoint Beer and Ale, Strong Row Brewery, and Threes Brewing are resident favorites.


Brooklyn is not poised to pass Manhattan by as New York’s fashion hotspot, but it is home to a plethora of designers and trendsetters. The borough is a great place to score deals on consignment clothing, and has its own fashion week.

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