We’re not shy about our Brooklyn pride. Manhattan may have the internationally-known tourist attractions, but Brooklyn is the heart of New York’s creative scene. And we’re here to dispel the idea that you can see Brooklyn over the course of a day or two. New York City’s most populous borough warrants a few days to fully explore. Here’s why.

The Neighborhoods

You can spend a day in each of Brooklyn’s many neighborhoods, and it will only enhance your curiosity and taste for this broad and complex area of New York. In Williamsburg and Bushwick, there’s an artsy-hipster scene that manifests in lots of thrift shops, great restaurants and bars, and plenty of art galleries. Further south, Downtown Brooklyn has a skyline increasingly rivaling Manhattan’s, and is home to many of the city’s leading cultural institutions. And nearby neighborhoods like Clinton Hill, Carroll Gardens, Boerum Hill, Cobble Hill pile on the charm with their beautiful brick townhomes. In the center of the borough, Prospect Park is a leafy oasis designed by Central Park’s landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted, and the neighborhoods that the expansive park are home to some of the city’s most beautiful streets. North of the park, Prospect Heights and Crown Heights have buzzy restaurants and bars, plus gorgeous townhouses. To the west, Park Slope and Windsor Terrace are family-focused neighborhoods with great cafes. And to the south, Ditmas Park has 19th-century mansions, with wrap around porches, turrets and sprawling lawns. Further south, residential neighborhoods continue to the beaches. There are far too many neighborhoods to list here, but the point is, there are myriad places to see!

The Events

Across its many neighborhoods, Brooklyn is home to an array of museums, event venues, galleries, restaurants and bars. All of these places play host to a number of festivals, parties, concerts, tastings, and more. No matter when you come to Brooklyn, and what you’ve planned, you can always find some exciting Brooklyn-based events here to add to your itinerary.

Iconic Landmarks

Brooklyn is home to a number of iconic landmarks that you’ll want to see on your visit here. Be sure to make time to explore Brooklyn Bridge Park, and walk over the actual Brooklyn Bridge to Manhattan during your stay. Spending some time frolicing in Prospect Park and visiting the Brooklyn Museum is also important. Coney Island is a neighborhood and an attraction rolled up into one, with iconic attractions like the Cyclone and Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs.

The Unknown

Brooklyn is so large and well lived-in that it’s home to a large number of under-the-radar parties, venues, and traditions. The only way to tap into much of what is unknown in Brooklyn is to spend some time here becoming accustomed to the burrough and getting familiar with long-time locals. To get you started, here’s a guide to Brooklyn’s unseen attractions.

It’s Great For All Travelers

Brooklyn’s attractions make it an ideal place for families to travel, and its restaurants and atmosphere also make it nice for romantic getaways. If you’re traveling with friends, you’ll also have plenty of exciting things to do together. Because it’s so large and diverse, Brooklyn truly is worthwhile for all types of travelers.