From Seattle to Stockholm to Tokyo to Manhattan, Brooklyn-themed restaurants can be found around the world. There’s no need for a Brooklyn-themed restaurant in Brooklyn. But there is plenty of demand for themed bars of other natures in the borough. From a 1920s apothecary to a Harry Potter-themed pasta place, numerous bars and restaurants seek to meet this demand. Here are six you may wish to consider on your next visit to Brooklyn.

Action Burger

This Brooklyn burger bar claims to be America’s only hybrid comic book, science fiction, and video game themed restaurant. On any given day, you’ll see patrons dressed as Superman, Princess Leia, and Zelda. The costumes and decor are this themed restaurant’s biggest draw, but to the food has a good reputation as well. Action Burger closed a while back for some major renovations, but is slated to reopen on October 31, 2017. If you’re cut from the Comic Con cloth and will be in Brooklyn in the near future, be one of the first to visit Action Burger 2.0.

292 Graham Avenue; (718) 599-4376

Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain

There are probably dozens of eateries in Brooklyn operating from buildings that used to house pharmacies. But at Brooklyn Farmacy, you can’t help but know you’re in a 1920s apothecary. There’s nothing unassuming about this themed establishment, which serves old-school sodas, sundaes, and other sweets. The pressed tin ceilings, old tile floor, and antique wood shelves (lined with old-school medicine bottles) take you straight back to the 1920s. Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain is a 15-minute walk or short drive from the NU Hotel.

513 Henry Street; (718) 522-6260

Five Leaves

Seersucker cotton and captain’s hats are not required at this nautical-themed restaurant in Greenpoint, but the theme is readily apparent. This acclaimed Greenpoint institution feel’s like a ship cabin, complete with rustic wood and portholes. The late Heath Ledger was a partner and investor in Five Leaves, which wasn’t completed until after his death.

18 Bedford Avenue; (718) 383-5345

Pasta Wiz

This Williamsburg restaurant offers Pottermore members who are fond of Italian cuisine the unique opportunity to indulge two passions at once. The dining room is not as decked out as some Harry Potter-themed destinations, but there is a Magic Sorting Hat, broomsticks on the wall, and other wizarding insignia around. Muggle patrons and members of the wizarding community can choose from dishes with names like “magic meatballs” or build their own concoction.

60 N. 1st Street; (917) 965-8040

The Way Station

Steampunk decor and Doctor Who quotes adorn the walls of The Way Station, a shrine to geekery in Prospect Heights. On Monday nights, The Way Station hosts Buffy bar trivia and screens episodes of Buffy, the Vampire Slayer. And on Thursday nights, The Way Station hosts a geeked-out Burlesque show. On any given evening at the bar, you can eavesdrop or join in on conversations about Star Trek, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or Game of Thrones.

683 Washington Avenue; (347) 627-4949

Zombie Hut

Zombie obsessives don’t seem particularly concerned about an apocalypse at this laid-back Gowanus saloon. The theme here is equal parts zombie and tiki bar. And yes, zombie cocktails are available. The bar is stocked with board games you can borrow and play. Unless you’re visiting during summer daylight hours and grab a seat on the patio, be warned that Zombie Hut is dark. The tiki bar is a 10-minute walk from NU Hotel Brooklyn.

273 Smith Street; (718) 875-3433