There’s a common and largely verifiable belief that, in order to remain in business in New York City, a restaurant must be exceptional. The same is true in Brooklyn. Restaurants that simply can’t cut it where ambience, food quality, or speed is concerned often shut the windows within months of opening. These get replaced by new restaurants, which face the same grueling tests.

Here are some recently opened Brooklyn restaurants with reviews suggesting they won’t be closing anytime soon.

Le Garage

An impeccably designed interior is just the brulee on the creme at this trendy French restaurant in the heart of Brooklyn’s trendy Bushwick neighborhood. Roasted squash, braised pork shoulder, and snail-stuffed potatoes are a few of the delicacies you can enjoy here.

Le Garage. 157 Suydam St. 347.295.1700


If you’re looking for a great place to have breakfast or lunch near the Nu Hotel Brooklyn, Tekoa in Cobble Hill is located within walking distance. Choose from a variety of dishes, including an authentic Turkish breakfast, egg-in-a-hole, and an array of pastries baked in-house.

Tekoa. 264 Clinton St. 347.987.3710

El Atoradero Brooklyn

Denisse Lina Chavez established a reputation for her superb Mexican cuisine at Carnitas El Atoradero in the Bronx. The chef’s new Brooklyn kitchen serves the same carnitas, as well as burritos, tacos, and tortas. The menu is not yet fixed, but at the time of writing the mole poblano and lengua en salsa verde are already getting rave reviews.

El Atoradero. 708 Washington Ave. 718.399.8226


Brooklyn has about as much mouthwatering Korean cuisine as Manhattan’s Koreatown. The newest all-star on the scene is Be Schneider and Sohui Kim’s Insa. Korean barbecue, noodles, dumplings, and seafood pancakes are all on point here. Insa doubles as an Asian-inspired karaoke parlor.

Insa. 328 Douglas St. 718.855.2620

Sushi Ganso

This Atlantic Avenue sushi joint, located next door to izakaya Ganso Yaki, is turning one stretch of Atlantic into a Little Japan. Head here for authentic nigiri and sashimi made from steamed monkfish liver and other exotic sea creature parts. Sushi Ganzo is a nice, ten-minute stroll from the Nu Hotel.

Sushi Ganso. 31 3rd Ave. 646.927.1776


A traditional wood-fired oven is used whenever possible at Lilia, a casual mid-range Italian eatery in Williamsburg. Homemade pasta and diligently selected cheeses, meats, and seafood make dishes like grilled clams and milk cheese agnolotti especially enjoyable here.

Lilia. 567 Union Ave. 718.576.3095

Llama Inn

Foodies as far away as San Francisco are raving about Eric Ramirez’s new modern Peruvian restaurant. Located in Prime Williamsburg, this upmarket eatery serves Peruvian favorites like fluke ceviche and lomo saltado. Unless you want to spend all evening waiting in the hopes that you can get a table, reserve a table in advance.

Llama Inn. 50 Withers St. 718.387.3434

Brooklyn is a true foodie’s paradise, and not just for hipsters. During your stay at the Nu Hotel Brooklyn, there is no need for you to venture across the Brooklyn Bridge to eat in Manhattan. Peruse other gastronomic posts on the Nu Hotel Blog.