The New Year is coming up, which means we get to examine our lives and decide on what devotions we’d like to make to improve it. Speaking to our inner travelers, we came up with an exciting and enriching list of Brooklyn resolutions for enjoying the borough more in 2019.

Keep Up With The Best Exhibits

This year we covered a number of innovative and impressive exhibits at the Brooklyn Museum, including the expansive David Bowie Is exhibit, and Soul of A Nation. Both of these are examples of the many moving and fascinating arts and culture exhibits that come through Brooklyn each year. In 2019, we’d like to see even more of them.

Continue To Try The Best Restaurants

Just this past November, we took a fresh look at The Best Restaurants in Brooklyn. Among them was a roster of unique gems serving up cutting edge vegan dishes, Persian specialties, Caribbean classics and so much more. Brooklyn will keep evolving, and we promise to keep continuing to try the best spots around so we can then send you there.

Shop Local In Brooklyn

Shopping local in Brooklyn has also been a bit of a recent obsession. The borough just offers so much in the realm of themed events, unique boutiques, upscale brands, flea markets, businesses with noble causes, and so much more. Again, the area is expansive and always adding new players, so we’ll keep up the local shopping.

Enjoy The Free Things in Life

As wonderful and exciting as New York City can be, it’s also damn expensive. Not saying we don’t enjoy splurging, just that taking time to check out the area’s best free attractions is also worthwhile and relieving. Some of the best include Friday mornings at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, performances at BAM Cafe, and free events at Brooklyn Museum.

Attend More Brooklyn Events

Brooklyn really has so much to do, and it’s not all about going to restaurants or shops that are there night after night. It’s also home to a breadth of iconic performing arts venues, and city-run traditions. We’ll continue to seek out and attend more Brooklyn events in 2019, and we’ll continue to post them for you on the Nu Hotel Events Calendar.