Brooklyn neighborhoods like Cobble Hill and DUMBO grace pedestrians with pleasantly independent business lining beautifully aged urban streetscapes. One of those shops is One Girl Cookies.

This adorable bakery serves up a variety of treats from its two Brooklyn storefronts that evoke the pleasant — and sweet — feelings of childhood. In the heart of winter, when baked treats are at their best, we’re taking a minute to look at One Girl Cookies and what makes it one of the best bakeries in Brooklyn.

The Classic Collection

One Girl Cookies’ classic collection of treats introduces the variety and creativity that stands at the foundation of this shop’s appeal. Each baked good is named after a woman, offering some familiarity to the mothers and grandmothers who served many of us our first cookies and cakes.

Among our favorites is the Lana, a delightfully rich chocolate sandwich cookie filled with sweet raspberry jam. We’re also quite partial to the Sadie, an orange butter cookie glazed over and covered with shredded coconut. With literally every other option in the classic collection warranting praise, there are still more reasons to cover why we love One Girl Cookies.

The Chocolate Collection

Take the dynamic and inventive elements of the classic collection and add chocolate! With such a similar approach, all the way to the names, we will just go ahead and dive into some of our favorites. The Juliette takes two hazelnut cookies and uses them to make a sandwich of chocolate cinnamon ganache. The Olga takes a similar approach, fusing the familiar sweetness of of sugar cookies with a more progressive chocolate mint ganache taste.

All of these rich and chocolatey creations will make your knees weak and your mouth water, but few have the simple spark of Cecilia, which consists of authentic mocha cream between two chocolate wafers.

Everything Else

Looking beyond the shop’s sweets, One Girl Cookies is a neighborhood favorite thanks to its warm atmosphere and extensive offerings. When visiting, be sure to wash down your delicious baked goods with some locally brewed Stumptown Coffee. From tote bags to t-shirts to homemade granola, there’s plenty to explore and enjoy at One Girl Cookies.

On top of that, throw in cupcakes, cakes and pies. As the delicious and lovely options pile up, it’s clear that this is one of the best bakeries in Brooklyn.