There’s a transcendental aspect of the Nu Perspectives room murals series at our hotel. A large part of the appeal is to take a seemingly average hotel room and plaster someone’s imagination all over the walls to create something completely unique. That urge to recreate and reimagine is exactly what inspired the swooping, intertwining, magnificently colorful birds and flowers adorning the walls of room 403.


London-based artist Saroj Patel told us how she discovered the Nu Perspectives series in a recent interview. “I lived in Brooklyn and read about the hotel in a local magazine and instantly wanted to paint a room there.” Patel contacted us and we began discussing concepts. By the time we had a room for Ms. Patel to paint, however, she had moved to London.

This schism could have been a major bummer considering that Patel is the ideal Nu Perspectives artist. Firstly, she’s a travel-inspired creative. “I love traveling and if I could, I would endlessly travel to new places to see the beauty in different cultures and environments. Beauty is everywhere and if you look, you will even see it in the darkest corners and strangest places.”


From Patel’s Instagram:

With the obvious fit for Patel to create some of that beauty in the unusual setting of a Brooklyn hotel room, there’s also the type of beauty that she creates. When asked about what inspired her mural in Room 403 at Nu Hotel, Patel spoke to her desire to bring natural elements into an urban environment. “Whilst I was living in New York, I lived in the Lower East Side and Williamsburg and I really missed being around nature and seeing birds. In London there are so many parks and green spaces and I can hear birds from my bedroom window. So, I thought I would create a room where you could experience the feeling of nature, colour and being surrounded by birds.”

This fantastical approach perfectly coincides with the goal of the Nu Perspectives Series, which is to expand and add imagination to the Brooklyn travel experience. Considering the symbiosis between the program and Patel, we are lucky that the artist returned from London to paint room 403 when she did.


Now our guests can experience Brooklyn and a bit of Ms. Patel’s wild, vibrant imagination. Once again, this feature is in line with the wishes of the artist. She closed her interview with us by saying, “I want people not to just see my work, but to feel it and for the colours to make it come to life and dance in their imagination.”

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