Nu Perspectives Mural Series: Natalie Lomeli The Front Desk Artist

The foreground image of the painting featured in the above video was originally red, because red is the easiest color for the human eye to detect. Brooklyn-based muralist Natalie Lomeli tends to focus many of objects in red for that exact reason — and her most recent project, a golden vase ornament created as part of Nu Hotel’s Nu Perspectives series, certainly has the pop that such an approach hopes to provoke.

Natalie Lomeli and her finished mural in Room 406 at NU Hotel

The story of this image and the second, on the opposing wall of Room 406 at Nu Hotel, began last year when Lomeli worked in reservations at the Ace Hotel. At the time of her employment, the hotel had a contest for their own room murals and Natalie entered. The folks at Ace enjoyed Natalie’s proposal, but were more interested in a series focused on keys from her portfolio so they contracted Natalie to do a similar keys-themed mural.

Natalie Lomeli’s Keys Mural from the Ace Hotel—

Natalie left the Ace Hotel not too long after creating the mural, moving north for an artist’s residency at the Vermont Studio Center. Following the residency, Lomeli returned to Brooklyn, taking a job at Nu Hotel, where she contributed a mural to the Nu Perspectives program and worked as the hotel’s front office manager.

This past October, Lomeli stepped away from her administrative duties for a few days to work on room 406. With the room to herself, Lomeli mixed paints and contemplated her project.

She set out to paint an enlarged close up of a bracelet on one wall and a vase ornament on the opposing wall.

“The only moments you have in a hotel room that feel like home are when you get back and place your things down. So, I decided to pain these very familiar objects like a bracelet and decor of a vase to capture the transitionary comfort of coming home.”

Lomeli mad the comforting images stand out by putting them at the forefront of peaceful blue backdrops and basing them in red for instant recognition. The final product is lovely, showing the artist’s homecoming to both hotels and art. Friends, family, art fans and media alike praised the work of Lomeli and others at the official opening of the Nu Perspectives series at Nu Hotel in November.