Michael Sorgatz is an easy-speaking artist from Brooklyn whose ambitions essentially mirror the goals of the Nu Perspectives mural room series at Nu Hotel. He explained the realization of those ambitions during a recent interview. Sorgatz told us that years ago he encouraged his wife to start her own blog for a few different reasons. He then observed the rise in popularity of blogs and decided to start his own.

“The artwork was sort of a natural place to go,” Sorgatz said, referring to the conception of his two digital media ventures — and “It’s a great platform for promoting local artists and events. The primary focus is showing profiles of individual artists’ work. I also focus on smaller events, it’s a bit more personal.”


Michael has now lived in Brooklyn for more than 10 years. The writer/artist was in on an early wave of people blogging about the borough’s arts community.

“I was the only game in town, as far as the blog,” said Sorgatz. “There were other people doing it, but it was a pretty small world.”

Hitting open studios and making introductions, Sorgatz became an integral part of the Brooklyn art scene as an artist and as a blog-based promoter of the borough’s art scene.

“My whole thing is, in supporting artists, I don’t charge them anything. It’s really just a labor of love,” Sorgatz said. “I feel like artists are hit with a lot of different costs and I just wanted to do something to bring artists together to support each other.”

This is where we found the connection between Sorgatz and the Nu Hotel: Nu Perspectives represents an effort to bring artists’ work together in a common place for sharing, support, and promotion of creativity in our borough.


Room 404 features two wall-pieces by Sorgatz, each of which shares an urban, brightly colored theme. The series of buildings on the wall opposite the bed pop off the surface with a subtly three-dimensional build. The bridge image over the bed is an extension of past prints Sorgatz had done, as well as being what drew he and Nu Hotel management together in the first place.

Through these images and his distinct approach, Sorgatz brings a curated perception of the city into Room 404, which in many ways is the purpose of the hotel’s mural rooms in the first place.


When asked about his thoughts on the Nu Perspectives program, Sorgatz said, “It’s an interesting, kind of novel concept. I guess there’s places that have done it before, but I haven’t seen any place, personally, that has done it as well as Nu Hotel. They have a high standard there. It makes it a pretty unique experience.”

Our conversation ended with Michael’s continued thoughts on the mural series, which hit the nail on the head in terms of the inherent value of the program and, inadvertently, Sorgatz’s blogs.

“It’s good in the sense that it helps people get familiar with the idea of an artist making artwork for a specific environment,” said Sorgatz. “It’s not a magazine profile. There’s a whole nother world that people get to explore that they might not get to otherwise.”

Learn more about the Nu Perspectives series at Nu Hotel Brooklyn.