The old-school Italian bakery is alive and well in Brooklyn. And if it’s possible to find your favorite cannolo outside the treat’s native country, the borough’s long-running Sicilian bakeries are a good place to look. If you enjoy cannoli and plan to visit Brooklyn soon, here are nine Italian pastry shops and restaurants to consider dropping in.

Cannoli Plus

This wholesale bakery in Bensonhurst prepares so many cannolis that the whole place smells like one. Aside from its heavenly aroma, Cannoli Plus is known for its well-balanced cream and slightly crunchy cannoli shells.

6903 New Utrecht Avenue
(718) 331-1058

Circo’s Pastry Shop

Thriving since 1945, this Bushwick bakery is one of few Italian bakeries that still makes its cannoli shells on site. In addition to blissfully authentic cannolis and other traditional pastries, Circo’s serves the “holy cannoli” donut. It’s a donut filled and topped with cannoli cream and topped with pieces of cannoli shell.

312 Knickerbocker Avenue
(718) 381-2292

Court Pastry Shop

Court is best known for its sfogliatelle and Italian ice, but the bakery’s affordable cannolis are also first-rate. The Zerilli family has amassed a loyal following over the years, and lines can be long during the summer and on nice weekend days. Court Pastry Shop is a beautiful 10-minute walk from NU Hotel Brooklyn.

298 Court Street
(347) 486-5656

F Monteleone Bakery & Cafe

F Monteleone has operated from its current Carroll Gardens location since 1929. Sicilian immigrant Antonio Fiorentino, the bakery’s current owner, takes pride in the aesthetic and taste of the large and mini cannoli he sells. This cannoli spot, also renowned for its fondant cakes, is a 15-minute walk from

NU Hotel.
355 Court Street
(718) 852-5600

Ferdinando’s Focacceria

Another beloved Carroll Gardens institution, Ferdinando’s Focacceria has been going strong for more than 110 years. The restaurant is best known for its sandwiches, but patrons who stay for dessert indulge in some of Brooklyn’s largest and most authentic cannoli. Ferdinando’s is a 20-minute walk from NU Hotel.

151 Union Street
(718) 855-1545

Fortunato Brothers

The Fortunato Brothers opened shop in North Williamsburg in October 1976. The neighborhood around them has seen immense change since that time, but their cannoli haven’t changed in the slightest.

289 Manhattan Avenue
(718) 387-2281

Mazzola Bakery

Another Carroll Gardens bakery within walking distance of NU Hotel, Mazzola is known for its old-school Italian lard bread. Mazzola’s cannoli get consistently good reviews, as do their spinach loaf and cinnamon rolls.

192 Union Street
(718) 643-1719

Nuccio’s Bakery

If you find yourself in Brooklyn’s residential Gravesend neighborhood, make a stop at Nuccio’s. Baker and owner Stefano Stemma bakes a range of sweet and savory pastries, and he takes pride in all of them. Cannoli, rainbow cookies, prosciutto bread, and other Genovesi and Sicilian specialties can be found here.

261 Avenue U
(718) 449-3035

Villabate Alba

Since 1979, this Bensonhurst bakery has charmed residents and visitors with its flaky sfogliatelle, fresh gelato, hand-made breads, and creamy, crunchy cannoli.

7001 18th Avenue
(718) 331-8430