We’re approaching the end of January, and there’s no better way to march full steam into 2020 than by booking a trip on National Plan for Vacation Day. Join a world of fellow travelers committing to getting away this year, and start planning your special Brooklyn vacation today. The annual booking celebration takes place on the last Tuesday of every January, and it will fall on the 28th this year. 

Here at NU Hotel, we aren’t only looking out to the calendar on our computer, we are also looking at the Zodiac calendar, and how our lovely destination attracts such a wide range of wonderful personality types.  

Brooklyn’s An Especially Choice Fit For These Signs: 


Gemini For The Boroughs & People

Geminis are known for cycling through various moods, identities, and even personalities in a short while. That frenetic love for life and variety makes them perfect for New York City travel. In a single day, a Gemini traveler can eat bagels in Downtown Brooklyn, get lost at a Midtown favorite like The Met, and then go for soup dumplings in Queens. There will never be shortage of stimuli for those looking to soak up culture, meet people, and explore in NYC. 

Libra For The Romance & Art

Libras are well balanced, and peaceful souls who are likely to appreciate the rich history and art that permeates throughout Brooklyn. From small, creative attractions like NU Hotel’s own mural rooms, to larger sites like the Brooklyn Museum—there’s endless beauty for Libras to admire throughout the borough. The art combined with acclaimed food, groundbreaking music, and a bevvy of gorgeous bars culminates in a romantic atmosphere, which is also a common attraction for Libras. 

Sagittarius For Keeping Busy 

Those who fall under the Sagittarius sign are ruled by Jupiter, which is the largest planet in our solar system. This culminates in a restless and adventurous spirit, which pairs well with the vast, ever-popping landscape of New York City. Whether your taste be new trendy restaurants, fantastic cocktail bars, live performances, or a little bit of everything—Sagittarius friends will never get bored when exploring Brooklyn and beyond. 

Staying With NU Hotel 

NU Hotel brings its own artful flare to a vibrant area of Brooklyn, making it a special place to check out when booking a trip this National Plan for Vacation Day. Book here to check out our guestrooms and suites. 


There’s a myriad of activities to experience in Brooklyn. Discover NYC’s Best Borough with NU, and explore more on our Brooklyn blog.