It’s no secret that local goods are a bit of a hip trend in Brooklyn and other socially progressive neighborhoods around the country. Taking this concept and running with it, the shop By Brooklyn sells merchandise that’s exclusively made in Brooklyn. Located on Smith Street, the same street as Nu Hotel, this shop is an interesting avenue into the area’s culture and local identity. Running with this bold and interesting concept, By Brooklyn also happens to carry some really great stuff.


With By Brooklyn’s only allegiance being to fine goods made in their home borough, they’ve built quite an eclectic inventory. Some of the featured goods on the By Brooklyn website right now include baby-sized suede moccasins, dark and stormy flavored caramel corn, a reclaimed slate cheese board, a denim tote bag and a variety of recipe books. Walking around the shop with its dynamic collection of goods truly feels like a fair featuring the neighborhood’s most highly skilled artisans and entrepreneurs.


Collecting from several great vendors, By Brooklyn holds a monthly contest to commemorate somebody who’s sold through the shop. The most recent vendor of the month was Natural Abstract, which is a local, handmade jewelry manufacturer specializing in gold and silver designer rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces. Andrea Cobb, Natural Abstracts owner, sells her jewelry on Etsy and at local fairs. Discovering small, interesting companies like Andrea’s is one of the greatest advantages of shopping at By Brooklyn.


Gaia DiLoreto founded By Brooklyn in 2011 with the hopes of collecting some of the best things in Brooklyn and making them accessible. Having built this bridge between a variety of goods and the busy streets of Carroll Gardens, Gaia created an excellent opportunity for visitors to discover the best the neighborhood has to offer. Whether you walk out of the shop with a bag full of gifts, or a list of vendors you’ve discovered and want to follow, a visit to By Brooklyn will absolutely enrich your stay in the neighborhood.