Nu Perspectives Series: Laura Hollick Transforms Room 207


Walking into room 207 at Nu Hotel will transform your perception of city living. Sky blue and white painting surrounds. An eccentric tree sits in the corner with simple, individual green leaves spread across two walls and the ceiling. On the opposite wall, another tree and a bird of several pink and purple shades are set atop that same soothing blue. It’s a simple, peaceful and reminiscently natural escape. This miniature universe came from an artist’s blank mind in a city that offered her so much, but lacked a little something that she held so dear.


Laura Hollick travels to New York City a few times a year. She told us in a recent interview, “I find it very challenging to be there [New York City] even though I love it. I love the art. I love the creative ideas. But, I find that I’m looking for a retreat. I want to go somewhere that I can feel rest and peace.” Ms. Hollick came to find and create that retreat, but first she had to find the Nu Hotel.

When researching for a place to stay in the city a while back, Laura told us, “I saw there was a hotel in Brooklyn called Nu– spelled N.U.– and I have a brand called Nu with two dots over the U. And I thought, oh, that’s so cool.” Laura tried to book a room that time, but we were fully booked. Her next trip, she came to Nu Hotel and by chance ended up in one of our Nu Perspectives Mural Rooms. “I had no idea that they had art rooms and I’m an artist and an entrepreneur. It was such perfect alignment that it’s called Nu and there’s an art room, so I put in a proposal and I asked if I could do a room.”

nu-mural-2sketchLaura didn’t have a concrete concept when she originally inquired, so she had to brainstorm an idea before getting her own room to paint. She told us that her inspiration clicked when, “I was sitting in one of the local parks. And I was just like, I have to do something about nature.” It seems that the trees and their peaceful nature set against an urban backdrop inspired her. “I wanted to create a safe haven where someone could rest and feel nurtured, and taken care of.”


And that’s how Laura Hollick came to transform 207. As our conversation went on, however, we came to find that she was not just in the business of transforming the room, she wanted to transform the experience of guests.

When we asked her how she felt about the Nu Perspectives Program, she told us that she loves it and it’s part of why she tries to stay at Nu Hotel every NYC visit. She summed up those feelings by explaining that, “I love it because you get to live in the art. It’s actually a phenomenal concept and opportunity, because art is something that people typically think you look at, but to me, art is something that rearranges the particles of your understanding of reality. So, if people get to experience art, then they get to have that transformation.”