As more and more young families stroll through the streets of Brooklyn, the number of kid-friendly cultural events has increased to meet the demand. This borough has quickly become become one of the coolest family-oriented destinations in the city, thanks to the neighborhood’s hip-youth vibe. Now, the Brooklyn Academy of Music. brings a unique new outlet for creativity to the area’s parents and kids. Celebrate the intersection of these two demographics with these fun-for-all kid-appropriate events at BAM.

Best of BAMKids Film Festival Screenings

This past February, BAM hosted their annual Kids Film Festival, which features selections from the top children’s film festivals in North America. With that weekend’s success in Brooklyn’s rear view, BAM is resurrecting some of the best showings of the year for two screenings of popular kids films. Head over to BAM Rose Cinemas on Sunday, June 7th to see screenings of the beloved films Pim and Pom, The Big Adventure, and Little Lost Moon.

Creative Drama: Exploring Native American Culture

Interactive games and performances, like the theatrical arts, are a fun way to educate our children. Enroll your kids in the Exploring Native American Culture class, an 11 day seminar scheduled for this July, where young learners will be able to take part in various readings, theater games, improvisation, and more. Children will learn valuable lessons about the United States’ original Native Americans—a summer well spent on a fun, valuable experience.

Animation Workshops

One of the most prevalent and enjoyable forms of children’s entertainment is also one of the least accessible and most difficult art forms to teach. BAMkids’ animation workshops take place throughout July, and provide young participants with the opportunity to create their own cartoons. Kids in attendance will learn various animation techniques, and they will receive valuable resources to help them create their own short projects during the program. Workshops will take place during the summer, from July 6th-10th and 13th-17th.