As with any opinion, the answer to this question is technically up for debate. But ask just about anyone who’s tried Jacques Torres’ New York famous hot chocolate, and you’ll hear very good things. Read on to learn more about the man affectionately referred to as Mr. Chocolate and the process that makes his hot chocolate a delicacy so many patrons rave about.

Why is Jacques Torres’ hot chocolate a big deal?

From 1989 until 2000, Jacques Torres’ confectionary concoctions satisfied sweet-tooth after sweet-tooth at legendary Manhattan restaurant Le Cirque. The move struck some as risky, but it has paid off for Jacque Torres in spades. The frenchman known as Mr. Chocolate is living his dream, and his chocolate factories and stores operate a roaring trade. Name recognition might have helped, but the quality of Torres’ relatively simple hot chocolate is undeniable. Even if it isn’t well-suited to your palate, you’ll likely understand why there’s so much excitement built up around this cocoa after you try a mug.

What’s in Jacque Torres’ hot chocolate?

Jacques Torres’ signature hot chocolate contains only six ingredients: dark cacao, cacao butter, sugar, milk, milk powder, and cornstarch. The simplicity of the recipe is part of the drink’s beauty. While Torres uses only the finest ingredients in his hot cocoa, it’s the process that sets the drink apart. Torres uses European production methods, the most notable of which is a long, slow conching process. Conching, the churning of cacao with sugar and cacao butter, is the key to many fine cups of hot chocolate. But few chefs conch their cacao as long as Jacque Torres does. In order to attain the perfect balance of sweet and bitter, Torres conches his cacao for up to 72 hours.

Where can you get Jacques Torres’ hot chocolate?

Jacques Torres has two chocolate factories and six shops in New York City. The original factory and retail store is located in Brooklyn’s trendy DUMBO neighborhood, a short walk from the NU Hotel Brooklyn. Other places to procure Jacques Torres signature hot chocolate and other chocolatey delicacies are in midtown east, Rockefeller Center, Grand Central Station, SoHo, NoHo, and on the Upper West Side.

What else does Jacques Torres serve?

Hot chocolate is the subject of this post, and it’s at the heart of Jacques Torres’ operations. In addition to the warming, cacao-laden beverage, Torres’ shops sell chocolate croissants, handmade chocolate treats, and memorable ice cream sandwiches.

Jacques Torres’ original location is just one mile from the NU Hotel Brooklyn. Book with us during your next visit to New York City, and discover where the magic that is Jacques Torres hot chocolate was born.