13573604_820400654758824_513670764_nThere’s nothing wrong with wanting your baby to look too cool for school, especially if you’re in Brooklyn. If you’re planning a visit to the hipster capital of the world and want your little one to fit in on the streets, follow these simple steps. You and your little one are guaranteed to score compliments.

Gather the Essentials

There is a basic checklist for the hipster baby wardrobe. Mercifully, most of the essentials can be found at second-hand clothing stores, sidewalk sales, and old clothing collections boxed up in attics or storage units. These include a suit jacket, onesie, comic book themed T-shirt, custom polo shirt, khaki pants, beanie, dark rimmed glasses, sneakers, and leather shoes. Supplement these essentials with as much vintage baby gear as you can find. In fall and spring, a hoodie will also come in handy. Just about any combination of items from this basic set should fly as a happening outfit for your little guy or gal.

Choose a Style

Hipster fashion goes way back, and present-day hipsters often appreciate when an outfit makes someone look like a period piece. If you want to make a real hipster fashion statement, dress your baby like a cool kid from the days of the 1920s flapper, the 1950s swing dancer, or the 1980s grunge musician or groupie.

Keep Up with Trends

Anti-trendiness is a hallmark of hipsterism. Familiarize yourself with mainstream fashion trends so you know what your baby should not wear. Since actively bucking fashion trends is trendy in its own right, the hipster clothes you dress your baby in tomorrow most likely won’t pass as hipster two years from now. Since your little guy or girl probably won’t fit in tomorrow’s clothes even two months from now, this is the perfect time of your child’s to adopt the hipster look.

If you arrive in Brooklyn without the clothes to make your son or daughter the hippest baby around, you’re in luck. Hip baby boutiques touting one-of-a-kind wares and second-hand shops carrying vintage clothes for babies abound. Junior Lowe, whose tagline is “For little Brooklyn hipsters,” is a ten-minute walk down Atlantic Avenue from NU Hotel Brooklyn. And Lulu’s Then & Now, a consignment store where Park Slope parents swap hip baby clothes, is just a mile away.

Junior Lowe
89 Atlantic Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11201
(718) 625-2010

LuLu’s Then & Now
187 4th Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11217
(718) 398-5858