Located on a tiny little peninsula on the westside of Brooklyn, Red Hook is an uninterrupted neighborhood rich with artistry and food. Red Hook Lobster Pound and The Good Fork are just two of the buzzy restaurants in the area, but anybody who knows the area will tell you the best eats aren’t in a brick and mortar. They’re down by the ball fields where a collection of food trucks sets up every weekend on the corner of Bay and Clinton with soccer games going on all around. Here’s what you need to try.

Solber Pupusas


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An all-star of the Red Hook Ballfields, Solber Pupusas is widely considered the city’s best proprietor of the cheese-filled dough pies from Central America. Order yours with either spiced chicken or pork and all of the side fixings—pickled cabbage, jalapeno, and sour cream. Recently, Brooklyn food juggernaut Smorgasburg recruited the brilliant Solber establishment to open an outpost at the popular market as well.

Tacos at Piaztlan


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From their bright-orange chorizo to the dark and juicy pulled goat meat, the tacos at Piaztlan rival any tacos we’ve tried north of the border, let alone in New York. Simple, with small corn tortillas, diced onions, and quesillo, the little bites stand out with slow-cooked meats and a delightful variety of green and red hot sauces.



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Sidestepping the meaty, tortilla wrapped delights surrounding, Vaqueros gets healthy with a variety of fruits and juices. The go-to treat here is the mango, which is sliced partway down from top to bottom to create a fruit that resembles a flower. Placed on a stick and doused in chili powder, the dish is both refreshing and complex.

Country Brothers


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This Mexican food truck will impress you with tacos, tostadas, burritos, and quesadillas. To get at its true appeal, however, you need to try a quezahuache. A blend of burrito and quesadilla, this monstrous sandwich-wrap stuffs an immense amount of cheese, meat, refried beans, and green spicy sauce into one messy, delicious bite.

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