Filled to the brim with young professionals and students, Brooklyn has quickly become the annual host of countless individuals celebrating Thanksgiving away from their families and hometowns. As the perpetually adventurous spirit of this New York City borough cannot be broken or misguided, this unusual approach to the classic American holiday has spawned some fun and interesting reappropriations. The away-from-home celebration has popularly been dubbed Friendsgiving, and the modern approach can be enjoyed in a variety of fun and interesting ways. To help shape out the concept of this holiday, we’ve laid out a couple ways to enjoy Friendsgiving— the Nu way to celebrate Thanksgiving.



While the age old approach to Turkey Day centers around a grand, home cooked meal, it’s not the most convenient or achievable task for many Brooklynites and tourists. Leaning towards the lazy and comfortable holiday themes, participants of Friendsgiving can enjoy a slew of deliciously prepared Thanksgiving dinners at local Brooklyn eateries.


There’s a long list of delicious restaurants who can host your Friendsgiving feast this year and we’ve decided to highlight a few of our favorites. The Farm on Adderly in Ditmas Park will be providing a day’s worth of traditional, three-course Thanksgiving meals at a $55 per person prix fixe rate. Fletcher’s Brooklyn Barbecue is another great place to get some turkey, as they smoke their holiday birds over red oak and sugar maple!



For those who want to bring Friendsgiving home with some newly acquired knowledge, there’s a plethora of Thanksgiving themed cooking classes in and around Brooklyn. This educational approach to Friendsgiving is an attractive option for those who may be staying at Nu Hotel earlier in the month. Fluent City & Bedford Cheese Shop along with Brooklyn Kitchen have held great Thanksgiving culinary workshops in the past. Some of Brooklyn Kitchen’s upcoming classes include the themes: Stocks and Gravies, Thanksgiving Sides and Thanksgiving Wines.


Whether you’re preparing for a stay at home holiday, or looking for a progressive, out-of-house host, Brooklyn has what you need to celebrate Friendsgiving good and proper.