A Brooklyn Bridge Sign, with the Brooklyn Bridge in the background.

The Brooklyn brand has spread across the country and around the world, making it possible to buy a Brooklyn-emblazoned t-shirt or delight in Brooklyn-style pizza just about anywhere. In spite of this boom, there are still several memorable experiences you can only enjoy when you’re in Brooklyn.

Ride the Coney Island Cyclone

No one could reasonably contend that today’s Coney Island is the pinnacle of amusement parks. 100 years ago, however, no theme or amusement park in the country garnered even half as much attention as this famous Brooklyn playground. Coney Island has seen several roller coaster firsts made and records broken. The park’s most iconic attraction, the Coney Island Cyclone, opened in 1927. You can still ride this thrilling wooden coaster today. Tack it on to a Coney Island itinerary that includes other only-in-Brooklyn opportunities, such as eating a hot dog at the original Nathan’s Famous.

See New York’s Oldest Building

Scour the streets of Manhattan for New York City’s oldest building, and you won’t find it. The Wyckoff House, a former farmhouse built in 1652, rests on land deep in Canarsie, Brooklyn. The Dutch saltbox frame house was inhabited by descendants of Pieter Claesen Wyckoff from the time it was constructed until the early 20th Century. Today, the attraction houses a museum devoted to Colonial American history.

Sit in an Original Subway Car

The New York Transit Museum, one of the most popular museums in Brooklyn, affords visitors a one-of-a-kind educational journey through NYC’s Transit history. Travel back in time to the date on which ground was first struck for the city’s underground rail network, and continue your journey by walking through and sitting on authentic subway cars built as early as 1903. The collection of vintage subway cars is just two blocks from NU Hotel Brooklyn.

Catch a Sunset from Sunset Park

Separated from Manhattan by the East River, western Brooklyn is the ideal spot to watch the sun go down over New York City. Set on a hill, Sunset Park is widely considered the best vantage point for watching the sun go down over lower Manhattan, the Statue of Liberty, and New York Harbor. If you’d rather watch the sun dip down from a bar or restaurant, the Sunset Park neighborhood has one of the most diverse and highly esteemed restaurant scenes in the NYC area. Several establishments have terraces with great sunset views.

Play in a Neighborhood Affectionately Called DUMBO

A day spent wandering the cobblestone streets of DUMBO can make you feel like a kid again. There’s the glass-encased carousel jutting out over the East River; the impeccable landscaping of Brooklyn Bridge Park; and dozens of one-of-a-kind boutiques and artisanal food purveyors who can fulfil your gastronomic cravings and desires.