Young girls in an audience enjoying their favourite band's performance

Occupying a repurposed ironworks-foundry building dating back to the 1880s, Brooklyn Bowl is an iconic center of entertainment in Williamsburg. The name might lead you to conclude that Brooklyn Bowl is a bowling alley. And it is. But it’s so much more than that. Here are five experiences you can have at the venue without picking up or throwing a single bowling ball.


A lot of bowling alleys serve food. They’ll heat up some frozen french fries or pre-made chicken wings, and sell them to you at a hefty markey. Brooklyn Bowl has a restaurant with a sizeable menu, and serves what it calls “four-star food.” The appetizer menu contains inventive creations like egg shooters, roasted adobo corn, and buffalo cauliflower. Popular mains include salads, French bread pizzas, burgers, sandwiches, ribs, pulled pork, salmon, blackened catfish and salmon, and mac & cheese. Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken and Rock-and-roll Fries, topped with cajun spice, chicken gravy, and cheddar and provolone cheese, is also a big hit.


Like to throw a few back while you bowl? No sweat. Brooklyn Bowl has a liquor license, and an impressive craft beer selection. In fact, the venue has been rated one of the best places to drink in Williamsburg by Thrillist. And Williamsburg has a lot of bars.

Enjoy live music

Thrillist likes Brooklyn Bowl’s beer, and Rolling Stone likes its music. In 2013, the pop culture magazine ranked Brooklyn Bowl the 20th best dance club in the country. A live band plays or a DJ spins at the venue almost every night. If you’re bowling during a concert, you can multitask by watching the live show on one of many TV screens in the 16-lane bowling alley.


Even when no band is on stage at Brooklyn Bowl, there are tunes playing that you can get down to. Occasionally, the bowling alley even throws dance parties. Last February, they held a wildly successful event called “Dance Yourself Clean” that was inspired by some of today’s hottest dance artists.

Catch a game

Brooklyn Bowl also screens major sporting events, like the U.S. Open and Olympic games. If you’re hankering to bowl but don’t want to miss a big game or match, check and see whether it’s being broadcast at Brooklyn Bowl. If it is, you don’t have to choose one or the other.