Traditional Korean cusine bimbimbap dish of mixed rice

Midtown Manhattan’s Koreatown definitely has the highest concentration of Korean restaurants in New York. Where quality of food is concerned, it’s harder to make an authoritative statement about where the best can be found. One thing is for sure, however, Brooklyn has several Korean restaurants that are as authentic and revered as any others in town.


A darling of the North Williamsburg Korean food scene, Dokebi’s extensive menu features dozens of authentic Korean and Japanese dishes. Gorge on seaweed salad, traditional Korean BBQ, Japanese hot-pot, or Korean fried chicken on a lunch or dinner visit to this popular Korean joint. Visit for brunch, and choose from a fusion-filled menu featuring Huevos Koreanos and a KimChi Fried Rice Omelet.


Venture a few blocks south of Dokebi, and you’ll hit a small Korean eatery called Dotory. Noodles, stews, sandwiches, and Korean pancakes get the most buzz on the food front, but this spot is also known for its drinks. Wash down your kimchi with house-infused Korean soju or a Korean-inspired cocktail.

Kimchi Taco Truck & Grill

With a mobile food and brick-and-mortar locations in Prospect Heights and Gowanus, Kimchi Grill makes affordable Korean-Mexican food accessible to Brooklyn. The grilled Korean short ribs are popular, but this restaurant is probably best known for its savory tacos. Even at the food truck, diners can enjoy cucumber water gratis with their meal.


Located in Clinton Hill, Kinjo is better known for its ramen and sushi than as a purveyor of kimchi, but the Asian fusion restaurant still offers some mean Korean grub. Kimchi fried rice, spicy soba, fried chicken wings, and kimchi butter shrimp are among the authentic Korean bites you can enjoy at Kinjo.


Located in the Asian-food-rich neighborhood of Park Slope, Moim is a sleek, modern Korean eatery ideal for date night or a quiet family dinner outing. Moim’s garden provides a tranquil dining environment, perfect for enjoying the authentic and well-presented food that chefs Saeri Yoo Park and Jong Sue Kang prepare. The steamed buns and Bi Bim Bob (stir-fried kimchi) are first-rate.

Do you like Korean food? If you have an upcoming stay planned at NU Hotel Brooklyn, take advantage of your temporary surroundings. Get out there and taste some of the mouthwatering Korean cuisine Brooklyn has to offer!