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New York has so much to offer a visiting family, but few attractions specifically target youth like the Brooklyn Children’s Museum. The oldest institution of its kind in the United States, the institution packages educational experiences in ways that are fun and engaging for toddlers and children. Here are some specific ways to have family friendly fun during your visit:

Engage with Art and Artifacts

With a collection of nearly 30,000 historic and artistic works, the curators of the Brooklyn Museum have a wealth of treasure to work with. The collection, ranging from Eastern antiquities to modern tools, inspires and educates young visitors.

Interact with Nature

When the Brooklyn Children’s Museum was founded, its primary purpose was to educate children about natural history. Today, the Neighborhood Nature exhibit is still a favorite among little patrons. Live plants and animals, as well as life-like models, help expand children’s (and their parents) knowledge of the ecology in which they live.

Explore Brooklyn’s Diversity

Brooklyn developed as a destination for immigrants looking to carve out a better life for themselves. Today, Kings County is still home to one of the most ethnically and linguistically diverse populations in the country. The World Brooklyn exhibit at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum familiarizes children with the range of cultures that coexist in the borrough. Mini shops that cater to various ethnic groups living in Brooklyn, featuring names in the Hebrew and Korean alphabets as well as their Latin transliterations, educate children while simultaneously providing them with a fun and memorable experience.

Play on the Playground, Paint in the Studio

If you visit the Brooklyn Children’s Museum before February 19, your children will have the opportunity to build and play in their own makeshift structures using cardboard, tape, and their inventive imaginations on the play:ground exhibit. For an ongoing, interactive attraction like this try the Tots Open Studio.

The museum, located in Brooklyn’s Crown Heights Neighborhood, is just a ten-minute drive from the NU Hotel in Downtown Brooklyn.

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