Downtown Brooklyn is a hodgepodge of eats and culture from around the world. From France to Korea to Italy and Southeast Asia, the breadth is impressive and the quality undeniable. Looking to a new part of the world, here are some of Downtown Brooklyn’s favorite Latin American restaurants.

Pollo D’Oro, Bar Rosticeria

Spanish paella, traditional recipe from Valencia.

Peruvian chef José Alache brings a world-famous culinary tradition from his home country to the neighborhood with this casual Downtown restaurant. Specializing in juicy, slow-cooked rotisserie chicken, Pollo D’Oro has also received acclaim for its ceviche arroz con mariscos—a Peruvian style paella dish.



This restaurant in Cobble Hill, a short walk from the Nu Hotel, is the local spot to sample Argentina’s favorite gastronomic tradition—grilled steak. Fatty chunks of beef with tender pink insides and crispy brown exterior have that smoky flavor that’s made Latin American parillas world famous.

El Nuevo Portal

Homemade Traditional Cuban Sandwiches with Ham Pork and Cheese

El Nuevo Portal serves classic and rich Latin American food at welcomingly fair prices. We love the airy  bread on the  Cuban sandwich and the many hearty rice and beans dishes. For an all-star burst of flavor, go for the stuffed lobster with shrimp and the chicken chicharrones.

Bogota Latin Bistro

Beef Empanada fill close up. The Empanada is a pastry turnover filled with a variety of savory ingredients and baked or fried.

Moving on up to Colombia, Bogota Latin Bistro hits a home run with everything from its famous arroz con pollo, served with red cabbage, to its thick-crusted hearty empanadas. Located in Park Slope, the restaurant has a bright, purple interior, which when combined with some good eats and a Colombian mojito, all adds up to quite a festive ambiance.

Surfish Bistro


Another Peruvian kitchen rockstar, Chef Miguel Aguilar, taught by Iron Chef Bobby Flay, brings an elevated dining experience to Park Slope. He serves ten different kinds of ceviche with ingredients ranging from ahi tuna to fried oysters to avocado mousse. Many of the other popular dishes—mahi-mahi taquitos, chicharron sliders, spare ribs—are available on their extensive tapas menu.