Home to the highest percentage of women-led startups in the country and the revolutionary crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, Brooklyn’s entrepreneurial spirit makes it a natural home for those looking to shake up their industries. To tap into this local ingenuity, and build off our last list, we’ve added four more of the most successful and “out there” startups in the borough.

Gimlet Media

In some circles, podcasts are all the rage. Dominant networks include Soundworks from PRI, Radiotopia from PRX, and WNYC. A relatively new player that’s been rapidly gaining market share is Gimlet Media. Founded here by Alex Blumberg and Matthew Lieber, Gimlet has already found success with popular podcasts Reply All and Mystery Show. The first and most widely listened to podcast to hatch in Gimlet’s offices is StartUp. It focuses on a docu-cast telling the company’s story from idea to startup to an 18 person studio with an audience numbering in the millions. How crazy is that?


Has what you’ve read in the news or heard from friends made you wary of trusting labels that mark groceries as all-natural, organic, or sustainable? Based in Greenpoint, HowGood works with producers and vendors to find out where products come from and how much of an impact they have on the environment. The company uses its findings to create trustworthy labels rating environmental friendliness.

Modern Meadow

Are you familiar with the concept of lab-grown meat? If not, Modern Meadow will seem especially crazy to you. The Sunset Park startup is growing red meat, fish, poultry and even leather. It’s relatively expensive right now, but is expected to become cheaper than real meat as the technology matures. Those who have tasted the lab-grown meat, including renowned chef Mark Bittman, are tres impressed.

Vice Media

At a time when many media production companies are having salt rubbed in their wounds, Vice thrives. At least that’s what the firm’s $500 million injection of investor equity last fall suggests. Other signs of success include a prime Williamsburg headquarters capable of holding 525 employees and tales that CEO Shane Smith distributed $1 million in cash bonuses to employees at last year’s holiday party.

image via flickr