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Brooklyn has long been a destination of creativity and ingenuity for young up-and-comers. The massive wave of young artists and professionals moving to Williamsburg, Bushwick and Downtown Brooklyn over the past several years has only amplified the scope of work and products coming out of New York’s most populous borough. As we see the face of Brooklyn changing with all of these accomplishments and ventures, the appeal of visiting our neighborhood seems to be enhanced by the breadth of local entrepreneurial efforts. To highlight some some of the most interesting examples, here are some cool Brooklyn-based startups that we’ve named Brooklyneurs.


Our first Brooklyneurs are the minds behind Farmigo. This extraordinary humanitarian start up accomplishes two major things. Firstly, much like peapod and other grocery delivery services, Farmigo does your grocery shopping for you. They can deliver to homes, offices or any pre-determined pick up spots. Secondly, Farmigo gets their food directly from local farmers. This process allows customers, even in urban environments, to support their local farmer, and eat healthier, less processed and less monetarily inflated foods. According to Business Insider’s account of the 11 hottest tech startups in Brooklyn, “Farmigo has raised $10 million in two rounds of venture capital funding.”


Founded in a small Brooklyn apartment in 2005, Etsy has since grown into one of the largest and most well known platforms for independent art commerce in the world. Arguably one of the most successful Brooklyn startups out there, Etsy allows independent artisans who lack the resources or time for a storefront the chance to sell their goods in a highly curated, organized and productive environment. The product of this simple, and thoughtful concept has exploded into a digital community of entrepreneurs and artists that’s now famous for being a place where consumers can find one of a kind goods at reasonable prices.


INDMusic has been called YouTube’s largest music network, and it all came from the mind of a young tech entrepreneur in Brooklyn. Founder Brandon Martinez created this revelatory system to aid content creators in procuring their rights to a fair payday after blowing up on the internet. The process, which consists of drawing musicians and artists into inclusionary networks on YouTube and similar sites has created an incredible new avenue for young stars to consider in today’s turbulent music economy. With nearly 4 million subscribers and over 1.3 billion views, its safe to say that INDMusic has grown quite a bit since its humble beginnings in the fertile and inspiring streets of Brooklyn.