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When people talk about famous wine destinations, the examples are often rural and geographically diverse locations like the Italian countryside, Southern California, or Argentina. Considering this trend, it would seem odd to throw a place like Brooklyn in the mix. There is, however, one business attempting to do just that. Brooklyn Winery is one of our favorite Kings County destinations, bringing homemade wine, expert knowledge, and a lively sense of entertainment to the borough.

Located in the heart of the artistic and youthful neighborhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn Winery produces top-of-the-line small-batch wines for local bars and restaurants. Alongside its entrepreneurial efforts, Brooklyn Winery serves as a local destination among those looking for things to see, do, and drink in Brooklyn.

Tours of Brooklyn Winery make for a great activity or gift. The tours consist of visitors exploring the factory while learning how the staff produces wine in an unexpectedly urban setting. This fun activity is known for providing full-circle exploration, showing guests the process from grapes to wine. Next comes our favorite part: Visitors enjoy a nice tasting of the local goods. Each tour ticket comes with a 30-minute tour and a 30-minute tasting session.

In addition to visiting the winery itself, Brooklyn oenophiles enjoy the opportunity to spend time at the Brooklyn Winery Wine Bar. Considering the background of the establishment, it’s no surprise that its wine selection and knowledge are truly impressive. For those looking to branch out, the winery also has an excellent craft beer and seasonal food selection.

Keeping in line with that Brooklyn theme of taking some of the best cultural traditions from around the world and figuring out a way to produce them right here, Brooklyn Winery is an excellent haven of high-end wine culture in the heart of the borough. With plenty to enjoy, consume and learn, Brooklyn Winery is a worthwhile stop on your next visit to Nu Hotel.