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From Los Angeles to Stockholm to Tokyo, urban dwellers the world over are obsessed with Brooklyn. Even Manhattanites can’t stay away. To understand the widespread reach of Brooklyn Fever, one must look no further than the number of popular TV shows and films set there in recent years. Here’s a look at several contemporary Brooklyn-set series, with one golden oldie thrown in for good measure.

2 Broke Girls

Based on a premise that many Brooklynites can identify, 2 Broke Girls chronicles the trials and triumphs of two twenty-somethings from different backgrounds trying to make it in Brooklyn. The CBS show may not always be believable, but that’s not the point. The laughs it incites is.

Broad City

Speaking of laughter, Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson’s Broad City has already been nominated for seven television comedy awards. Based loosely on the lives of its creators, who play themselves, this Comedy Central gem’s humor is something you’ll likely relate to strongly or not at all. Either way, you won’t know until you try it.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Three seasons in, the Fox comedy detective show Brooklyn Nine-Nine has cultivated a loyal following. The show’s protagonist, Captain Ray Holt, has his hands full with a team that is only sometimes competent but always fun to laugh at.


Lena Dunham’s breakthrough series Girls put Bushwick on the map. Now the artsy Brooklyn neighborhood is known by name across the nation and beyond. This bold show follows a group of college friends trying to succeed personally and professionally in the big city.

Welcome Back, Kotter

Filmed in the 1970s, Welcome Back, Kotter portrays a different Brooklyn than the one we know and love today. The show that kickstarted John Travolta’s career, Kotter follows the oft-hilarious dynamic between a dedicated teacher and his sometimes unruly students.

Brooklyn is not a new setting for TV shows and films, but the surge in production of Brooklyn-based shows is something to marvel at. If you’re heading to the borough soon for a stay at NU Hotel Brooklyn, psych yourself up with a few quality episodes that will expose you to the sights and sounds you’ll experience before long.