Entrance to the Brooklyn Museum

Located near Grand Army Plaza and Prospect Park, just two miles from Nu Hotel, The Brooklyn Museum is one of New York City’s most beloved cultural hubs. Here’s our guide to the Brooklyn Museum.

The Museum & Its Collection

Walking up to the Brooklyn Museum, you’re sure to be taken by its towering Beaux-Arts architecture—a classic, stone facade, with a giant row of pillars at its entryway. Since its founding in 1823, it has been the premier arts establishment in town, championing a mission to create inspiring experiences for patrons, where they can interact with art that expands perceptions of themselves, and the world at large.

In its near two-centuries of existence, the Brooklyn Museum has amassed a collection of nearly 1.5 million works of art, making it a special place for art lovers, historians, and students to visit. This collection contains some works from iconic artists like Georgia O’Keefe and Thomas Eakins, as well as comprehensive, smaller collection of art from the Americas, Africa, the Islamic World, Pacific Islands, Egypt, Europe, and Asia. The Brooklyn Museum also has impressive collections of contemporary art, feminist art, and decorative arts, among many other genres, styles, and focuses.


As a massive cultural institution, and a landmark in its own right, the Brooklyn Museum hosts interesting events throughout the year to complement its magnificent arts collections. Feel free to browse its calendar for times and locations of specific gallery tours, as well as performances, lectures, conversations, film screenings, and so much more.

Educational Opportunities

Traveling families, as well as locals can take advantage of the Brooklyn Museum’s ongoing educational offerings. This spring, for example, it’s offering art classes for kids, as well as concerts, art-making workshops, film screenings, gallery talks and more. Grown ups can look at the museum’s year-round lectures, gallery walks, and painting classes.

Arts On View

There are always a number of exciting exhibits on view at the Brooklyn Museum, and right now is no different. There’s Rodin at the Brooklyn Museum: The Body in Bronze—a fascinating look at the artist behind the famous Thinking Man, and his bronze statues. We are also particularly excited about the new ‘David Bowie Is’ exhibit, for which Nu Hotel is an official preferred partner! An abundance of fascinating artifacts from David Bowie’s career—like his costumes, lyric sheets, and album artwork—can be found at the new David Bowie exhibit. Learn more about the fascinating exhibit here!