Brooklyn Cruiser v Citi Bike: The Advantages of Riding NYC the Nu Way


Citi Bike is an excellent program that provides New York pedestrians the convenience of riding around for a day without the strings that come attached to owning a bicycle. Renting bikes is the way to go for tourists to explore the city in a fast, fun and energetic way. While Citi Bike is the most popular choice for most New York City visitors, guests of Nu Hotel have a seemingly better option. In line with Brooklyn’s vintage, hipster trends, Nu offers guests use of an on site collection of Brooklyn Cruisers, some hip and convenient bicycles.

Brooklyn Cruiser is a highly rated and respected local bike manufacturer who has produced a special line for Nu Hotel. Nu Bikes come equipped with leather trimmings, cream tires and sizable handlebar baskets. Free for guests to borrow, these Brooklyn Cruisers make for a much more attractive rental than the widely used Citi Bikes.

The first advantage is the price. Complimentary use of Cruisers for Nu guests will always beat the $10, 24-hour rental fee for Citi Bikes, who also hold $101 for up to 10 days from your credit card account as a security deposit. Also, even with a 24-hour rental, you can’t keep a Citi Bike away from docking stations for more than a half hour at a time. Borrowing Brooklyn Cruisers from Nu Hotel isn’t nearly as restrictive and inconvenient as taking out a Citi Bike.

Nu Hotel’s bike program provides guests with the opportunity to truly dive into Brooklyn culture. With bike paths leading from Downtown Brooklyn, near the hotel, right up to Williamsburg, the Brooklyn Cruisers are great for exploration and discovery. Everybody who comes to New York City can get on a bicycle and ride around fairly conveniently, Nu guests just have it a bit easier and better.