Fans of the hit HBO series “Girls” will appreciate our guide to the Best Brooklyn Spots from HBO’s Girls. All mega fans of the show have wondered at times where do Hannah, Marnie, Adam , Shoshanna and Jess actually live, work and party? Well we have your answers and they lie in the 5th character of the show… Brooklyn.

The Sorry Wall
Located at N. 5th St. and Kent Ave. (Brooklyn), the Sorry Wall (literally a wall covered with the word sorry) is where emo Adam paints a declaration of sorts for Hannah in Season 1 Episode 8.

The Bedford Ave L Train Stop
Bedford Ave. and N 6th St. (Brooklyn) hey, it’s not glamorous, but the girls on Girls take public transportation. The L train is often featured in episodes of Girls.

The Royal Oak

The bar, now known as the Bellwether (594 Union Ave., Brooklyn) is where Hannah confronts her college boyfriend Elijah in true awkward, cringe-worthy and all the more loveable Hannah-style.

The “Best Party Ever” in Bushwick
In Episode 8 of Season 1 Jessa, Marnie and Hannah attend the “Best Party Ever”. This rave was filmed along Meserole St. between Bushwick Place and Morgan Ave.

Cobble Hill
In Episode 2 of Season 1 Hannah interviews for a job in Cobble Hill which she calls a “grown-up neighborhood” and we concur. Cobble Hill is a charming neighborhood that is only 22 blocks in length. It embodies what many imagine as classic Brooklyn, complete with tree lined streets and Brooklyn brownstones.

Café Grumpy
Ray works at Café Grumpy (193 Messerole Ave., Brooklyn) where Hannah can also be seen angsting as she sips a slow drip coffee.

Spoonbill & Sugartown Books.
In the beginning of Season 2 Hannah takes her new beau to a small mom and pop bookstore, which was filmed at a very real bookstore Spoonbill & Sugartown Books located at 218 Bedford Ave. in Brooklyn.