Not too far from the Nu Hotel, in the historic neighborhood of Gowanus, people get together in a large warehouse and play a game that’s quite popular on cruise ships and in retirement communities. Don’t quite see the big deal? Well, here are seven things we love about Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club.


A shuffleboard lane is $40/hr, which isn’t bad when split between the 2-4 people it takes to play. At the beginning of your round, an employee in a Miami-esque pool-boy white jumpsuit will come teach you the rules to this super leisurely and entertaining game.

Food Truck

It’s inside the space and sort of carved into a wall, so while it’s not on wheels, the in-house food truck has all of your necessary street food appeal. Greasy pizza, juicy tacos, and gourmet grilled cheese will always make your day a little bit better.

Other Games

While waiting for your shuffleboard court, try and toss a ring on a string onto a little hook, play Connect Four, Giant Jenga, and Hungry Hungry Hippos!

The Music

From James Brown to Motown to Creedence Clearwater Revival, the playlists at Royal Palms are classic, energetic, and super fun.

Flamingo Bathrooms

The bathrooms are covered in a flamingo wallpaper. It’s awesome.

Reading Team Names

Big Swinging Discs, Shuffy the Vampire Slayer, and the Royal Ten-en-palms are just a few of the ironic and punny team names hung high on a wall with hundreds of tiles. In between turns and sips, take a look and find all of the clever participants, or sign up for the Royal Palms’ shuffleboard league and name your own team.

Del Boca Vista Aesthetic

From the employees’ outfits to sprawling palm trees throughout the space and an aqua-blue motif, the club oozes the type of charmingly tacky appeal found in gated communities throughout the sunshine state.