Couple looking in shop window

In some Brooklyn circles, it’s no longer cool to purchase new clothing, decor, or furniture unless whatever you purchase is…not actually new. If you like vintage gems, shopping and a visit to Brooklyn is in the works, then here are four Brooklyn antique houses to check out during your stay.

City Foundry

Would a pair of retro drapes, a well-aged record player, or an industrial steel coffee table look good in your home? For an eclectic mix of antique wares that will turn your head, and serve a functional purpose, check out this Downtown Brooklyn antique shop. It’s just a three-minute walk from NU Hotel Brooklyn.

365 Atlantic Ave. 718.923.1786

Yesterday’s News

Down the street from Brownstone Treasures, Yesterday’s News’s design makes you feel as if you’ve walked into a 1920’s general store. Shop as you would have then, rifling through canning jars, preservation tins, dolls, and handmade decorations. Handcrafted wooden desks, storage cabinets, and other carpentry are all on offer here.

428 Court St. 718.875.0546

Dorset Finds

You need an appointment at Dorset Finds, but it’s not because it’s exclusive. It’s because dealer/owner Justin Dorset wants to give you his undivided attention as you peruse his collection. Dorset Finds specializes in used wares that actually show their use, and the inventory also include toys, clocks, lamps, and other furnishings.

544 Park Avenue. 646.460.2810

Horseman Antiques

Operating now for 50 years, Horseman Antiques is an antique of its own. Everything here is one-of-a-kind, but the furniture is what sticks in the minds and memories of its many visitors. Situated on Atlantic Avenue, between Bond and Hoyt Streets, Horseman Antiques is a three-minute walk from the NU Hotel.

351 Atlantic Ave. 718.596.1048

Downtown Brooklyn is wealthy with antiques. As a guest at the NU Hotel Brooklyn, you’ll be within walking distance of dozens of great antiquing destinations. If you like vintage, handcrafted things, make the most of your proximity to these extraordinary shopping destinations.