The Brooklyn Academy of Music annual hosts the massive Next Wave Fest, which features shows from a wide variety of disciplines across the months of October, November, and December. For some insights into which shows we are most excited about, check out our brief guide below.


As with everything at the Next Wave Fest, the theatre program is extremely relevant and groundbreaking this year. One production we are particularly excited for is Shakespeare in the Age of #MeToo, which will look at the playwrights timeless works through the lens of a modern social revolution.

Physical Theater

For those who have seen Cirque du Soleil, you should know that the world of physical theatre extends well beyond it with a countless awe-inspiring, mind-blowing performances. At this year’s BAM Next Wave Fest, there will be a show called The Acrobatics of Trust, and An Era of Resistance, Operatic and Aerial, which will feature music from Philip Glass, Constance Dejong, and Matthew Wood among others.


Modern opera is not as talked about as film or theater in the newspapers, but it has its own world of incredible narratives and musical performances. There are a number of exciting opera productions set to show at BAM’s 2018 Next Wave Fest, and we’re particularly excited for Oedipus Finds Love in a Greasy Spoon.


As the brainchild of The Roots drummer and musical icon Questlove, The Brooklyn Academy of Music specializes in live concerts and music theory. The programming for this year’s Next Wave Fest will feature a night honoring The Ecstatic Music of Alice Coltrane, and A Rock Hymn For Lives Lost In The Undertow of War featuring performances by Heidi Rodewald and Donna DiNovelli, among many other concerts and productions.


New York City is often a place where you can find performances by the best and most boundary-pushing dancers in the world. Next Wave will continue that tradition with an excellent dance program in 2018 with shows from the Trisha Brown Dance Company, Sean Curran Company, and Jerome Robbins among others.