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The site of the Brooklyn Navy Yard has served many functions over the past several centuries, since before the time the Dutch settled Brooklyn. In 2011, the newest structure to inhabit the Brooklyn Navy Yard opened its doors to the public. The Brooklyn Navy Yard Center at Building 92 is a four-story museum and site of interest for residents and out-of-town visitors alike.

Historic Appeal

BLDG 92 is, in most respects, a history museum. Relics from the Navy Yard’s past adorn the shelves and walls in most rooms. On display is the deed from the sale of land from the Lenape Indians to Dutch settlers in 1637; an 11-ton chain from the assault ship Austin; and a pipe from the infamous USS Arizona, sunk by the Japanese at Pearl Harbor in 1941.

Allure of the Unknown

A mystique builds up around a place that everyone sees but nobody knows. Over the past two hundred years, few Brooklynites living near the Navy Yard have passed through its gates. BLDG 92 has brought thousands to the Navy Yards, where visitors explore and learn about the site’s compelling history.

Celebration of Present Uses

BLDG 92 isn’t solely focused on paying homage to the past. One gallery is dedicated to celebrating present uses of the yard. The work of artists, electronics distributors, a sugar manufacturer, and medical lab technicians are on display.  

Architectural/Structural Splendor

Constructed with $25 million of public money, BLD 92 is a masterful mixture of old and new. The Navy Yard hospital building and surgeon’s residence, both NYC landmark buildings, are further cause to visit the Navy Yard. The yard has historic district status on the National Register of Historic Places.

More than 150 years as a flagship shipbuilding facility for the Navy is the Brooklyn Navy Yard’s most defining characteristic, but the site has witnessed much more than ship construction. Visit to experience the collision of past and present in one of New York’s newest museum settings. The Brooklyn Navy Yard is a ten-minute cab ride from NU Hotel.