Young yoga instructor leading a class in stretching

Yoga is an ancient practice (and philosophy, and concept) with a history spanning more than 5,000 years. It also happens to be one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States today. Each week, thousands of new practitioners discover that yoga can help heal physical ailments and psychological anxieties for which they feared no cure existed.

At NU Hotel Brooklyn, we’re all about activities with benefits as profound and varied as yoga’s. For this reason, we could not pass up the opportunity to partner with local yoga instructor Abbie Hernandez in offering our employees and guests a relaxing and rejuvenating yoga hour. Let’s take a look at this new program and yogi Abbie Hernandez’s background and philosophy.

Finding yoga

Abbie’s first contact with yoga came more than a decade ago, when she attended a class being taught at her own gym. As a lifelong dancer, movement was important to her spiritually and physically. Abbie gradually grew more engaged and interested in yoga as a practitioner.

Transitioning from classroom to studio

When she started leading yoga classes, Abbie’s interest blossomed. Experiments leading stretching sessions and introducing students to asanas (postures) yielded favorable results. Students were not only receptive to her instruction, but many of them responded positively. Those with hyper tendencies, for example, tended to love the resting posture known as savasana. It had the power to calm them down almost immediately. Observing this incited Abbie to look into yoga teacher training and certification programs.

Training and Instruction

Abbie completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training in 2012 and a supplementary 300-hour training program in 2014, both at the accessible Three Sisters Yoga in Midtown Manhattan. In 2014, Abbie also completed a prenatal yoga teacher training through Integral Yoga at Bend and Bloom Yoga in Brooklyn. Since finishing training, she has taught classes around Brooklyn. She currently focuses on prenatal, open-level introductory, and restorative yoga at Area Yoga.

NU Hotel Yoga Program Details

So what’s the deal with yoga at NU Hotel? While still in something of a beta mode, Abbie’s class is slated to be held every other Tuesday at 6pm. The next session is scheduled for December 13th.

Class is free for NU Hotel guests, and open to the public for a rate of $15 per class. Guests with an interest in yoga are encouraged to come, regardless of experience.

If you’re experienced and familiar with yoga, you can expect the class to be a mix of covering basics and vinyasa flow, with some restorative work at the end of each sequence.

Are you interested in trying Abbie’s class? Whether you’re looking to stretch your muscles and steady your heart rate or searching for a deeper sense of inner peace, yoga can benefit you. For information about NU Hotel’s yoga program, call us at (718) 852-8585!